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TOEFL ITP Online Test

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What is the TOEFL ITP test?

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL® is a globally standardized academic English exam specifically designed for non-native English speakers. The TOEFL ITP® test is part of the TOEFL® family of tests and is used by students, pupils and workers to demonstrate their listening and reading comprehension of academic English.

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Test fee for registration more than 7 days before the date

180,00 €

Late registration fee (registration up to 2 days before the exam date)

219,00 €

The preliminary result is displayed immediately after the test is completed. You will receive the score report by post between 7-10 days.


The Test Of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL®, sets global standards in measuring language proficiency in academic English. The TOEFL ITP® test is part of the TOEFL® family of tests and is designed to provide schools, universities and other organizations with a flexible, affordable and reliable tool for assessing listening and reading comprehension, including grammar, for academic English.

The TOEFL ITP® test is primarily used in non-English speaking countries and should not be confused with the TOEFL® iBT (internet-based test). Both measure academic English at graduate level, but have their differences.

*Currently we only offer the TOEFL ITP test as remote modality (from home)

Test Format

  • Stepless placement test with classification into the respective GER* level (no pass-or-fail test)
  • Remote: on the computer at home
  • Conducted under certified test leader supervision


  • Listening: 50 multiple choice questions in 35 min.
  • Grammar: 40 multiple choice questions in 25 min.
  • Reading: 50 multiple choice questions in 55 min.

Language Level

A2 to C1 according to GER*


115 min test time


  • Verification and certification of current English language skills
  • Classification, learning progress measurement and final test
  • Admission criterion for certain courses and short stays abroad (e.g. Erasmus +)

Our services

*The possibility of issuing certificates was prohibited by ETS for remote tests in April 2021.

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Optional Services

Pre-shipment of test result as PDF and registered mail

14,90 €

* You will receive your result from us as a PDF 4-5 day after your test. In addition, we will send your result as registered mail and send you the tracking number.

Individual exam date

49,00 €

* If you would like an individual examination date, an additional fee of 49 euros will be charged. Please note that the lead time is about 7 days. Contact us via email.

Overview and Dates

Exam location
Guaranteed execution
Booked out / Registration deadline expired

Requirements for the test

The following technical and spatial requirements apply to participation in the test:

Instructions for the test

To prepare for the test, we ask you to carry out the following points in advance:

Download the Zoom client for meetings

Check your system requirements

On the TOEFL page, click on the „Check Readiness“ link at the top and run the test. Your system is checked during the test (operating system, browser, screen settings, Internet speed). If there are error messages, fix the error and then repeat it until the test is successful.

Download and install the TOEFL Secure Browser

You will find detailed information in the candidate handbook, which you will receive by email after your registration.


You can download the following practice test for free to prepare for the online TOEFL ITP Level 1 test. The TOEFL ITP exercise includes:

  • 2 full TOEFL ITP Level 1 practice tests
  • Audio files for listening comprehension
  • Answer key
  • Rating Information
  • Learning tips and test strategies



If you want to prepare in more detail, you can use the following book, for example:

Practice Tests Volume 1 

You can find more information such as official preparation books, online preparation for the TOEIC exams on the Language & Testing Services (LTS) homepage.

EZplus is a member of the ALTE Association (Association of Language Testers in Europe)


You will acquire your language skills in language courses or through self-study. You can also find exercises on our homepage. Otherwise you can buy the preparation book via the LTS homepage.

You can always see the upcoming dates on our homepage. We usually offer the test every Wednesday and Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Currently you can pay your exam fee with the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Klarna Sofortüberweisung

Participation in the exam is confirmed directly with payment.

If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please fill out the online registration form completely. You will then receive the payment information and bank details from us by email. Please note that your booking can only be confirmed after receipt of payment and that the processing time is extended by 2-3 days if you pay by bank transfer.

In addition, personal registration and cash payment is possible during our opening hours. Please arrange an appointment with us by telephone.

You can rebook your exam date at any time. The first rebooking is free as long as you rebook at least 7 days before the exam. Within 7 days and for each additional rebooking we charge a fee of €60.00.

You always have the right to cancel your exam registration within 7 calendar days after you have paid without giving a reason. Please address your revocation exclusively in writing by e-mail to It is important that you send the notification before the end of the cancellation period.

It may happen that you only register and pay within 7 calendar days before the exam. In this case, you must agree that you can order the test immediately and that your right of withdrawal expires upon fulfillment of the contract, otherwise we cannot register you. If you still cancel before the exam date, EZplus will request a reasonable fee based on the services already rendered. This corresponds to the cancellation fee that we charge for cancellations within 7 days.

If you cancel within 7 days before the start of the exam, we will charge a registration fee of €90.00. If you do not show up for the exam without an excuse, the right to rebooking/cancellation expires. A right to cancellation also expires after a rebooking due to illness.

Listening comprehension: 50 multiple choice questions in 35 min.

Grammar: 40 multiple choice questions in 25 min.

Reading comprehension: 50 multiple choice questions in 55 min.

The TOEFL ITP test is used primarily in non-English speaking countries and tests reading and listening comprehension only. All exam formats are tested at the IBT and are required in English-speaking countries.

For all exam dates marked Remote, you can take your exam comfortably from home. Supervision is provided by us via Zoom.

You must contact the university directly for this, as the requirements for the various courses differ. The TOEFL ITP only tests reading and listening comprehension.

You will receive the result by post about 7-10 days after the exam.

We do not guarantee that certificates will be sent by Deutsche Post unless you have the score report sent to you by registered mail at an additional cost. If you complain about a score report that was not sent to you by registered mail, we require a copy for the duplicate in the amount of EUR 15.00.

No. The test is a scaled exam, which means that after your exam you can see the score you got on your exam and to which level of the CEFR the score belongs.

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